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Sims blather and stuff

Watch Jen rant about anything and everything sims related and other stuff too!

30 June
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This is my sims journal where I rant about things that annoy me and ocassionally put up exclusive downloads and post pics of various sims being upset and bemused in my game.

Anything that I don't want to share with the wider world is behind a friends lock.

To be my friend you must:

1)Be someone I know or someone I know of. If you have a different name on lj than you do in the community where I know you then you should comment on my welcome post and tell me who the feck you are.

2)Be capable to reading and comprehending rule number 1, particularly the telling me who the feck you are bit (if it takes you more than 48 hours to be able to read and respond to such a simple thing forget it!)

3)Be someone that I like and that I believe that I can trust. (well duh!)

4) Bide your time and back-stab me at an opportune moment. Well why not? Someone who I though was trustworthy did, the rest of you might as well.